What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol (Internet Protocol is referred to as IP).

Internet Protocol is the communication method used for all internet traffic, the computer you’re reading this on currently has an IP ‘address’ for instance to enable it to connect and communicate on the internet.  Packets of data are sent to and from computers when communicating on the internet, talking to each other via their unique IP addresses.

VoIP uses this same communication method to send packets of voice information when you make a call.  Because you are already on the internet, probably paying a monthly broadband charge for internet use, you can take advantage of the Switch Telecom VoIP Services to make calls at a reduced cost.

What do I need to start using VoIP?

  • A Reliable Broadband Internet connection is required at each of the sites from which the service will be utilised:
  • A VoIP phone (desktop/cordless) or VoIP Adapter.


Can I use my existing analogue phone?

Yes you can but you will need an ATA adapter to convert an analogue phone or a gateway to convert a PBX.

Does Switch Telecom provide Internet connectivity?

We do not offer Internet Connectivity but can advise you on a connectivity solution that best suits your needs. Contact us if you want to find out more.

Can I use a Softphone?

The Switch Telecom VoIP Services are compatible with softphones/phones that support G.729 Codec.
Please feel free to contact us on 087 550 0000 to discuss recommended softphones.

What is a Codec?

A codec is a program, most of the time installed as a software on a server or embedded within a piece of hardware, that is used to convert voice (in the case of VoIP) signals into digital data to be transmitted over the Internet or any network during a VoIP call.

Do I have to use Switch Telecom supplied equipment?

No, but we would recommend contacting us to discuss which equipment works best.

How do I setup this service?

If you have bought a Switch Telecom device then the VoIP phones are automatically configured and will be ready to make and receive calls as soon as they are plugged into a broadband connection.

If you have your own device and would like assistance configuring it please contact us. We do not guarantee that we will be able to assist with every device but have standard setup procedures that can be followed easily and apply to the majority of technology.

Which protocols are supported on the Switch Telecom Business Trunk Services?

Both SIP and IAX are supported on the Switchtel Business Trunk Service.

Can I use VoIP as a Fax?

Yes, but this requires T38 technology.

T38 is a recognized standard for sending fax transmissions over an IP network in real time mode.  Not all equipment implements the T38 standard correctly so you need to ensure that the equipment that you intend to use has been tested on our network before purchasing it.

All ATA’s supplied by Switch Telecom support faxing.

Switch Telecom also offers a free fax to email service for existing customers.