Switch Telecom operates an advanced VoIP and switched telecommunications network which can reduce your home or company telephone call costs and add value as follows:

  • Significantly reduce the cost of inter-branch calls or calls to friends and family by routing these across the Switch Telecom network at extremely low on-network rates.
  • Leverage Switch Telecom’s interconnections with other networks to receive preferential rates on calls to national, cellular and international destinations.
  • Obtain portable phone numbers for your home or office which, unlike geographic numbers, do not change if you move to a new physical location.
  • On-line, real-time access to call detail records including the ability to import these into a spreadsheet for analysis and reporting of call costs.
  • Rapid installation wherever broadband connectivity (wired or wireless) is available.
  • Additional advanced features including customizable voice-mail, call-waiting, call-forwarding.
  • Value-added services such as teleconferencing.