Enterprise VoIP solutions

that support big business.

VoIP Solutions for large enterprises

Switch Telecom’s range of Enterprise VoIP solutions reduce costs and also offer customisable features. Thereby improving productivity and ensuring reliability.

In brief, no business is so big that it can afford to be wasteful. It’s for this reason that more companies are moving to VoIP in comparison to traditional analogue services.

All of Switch Telecom’s Enterprise VoIP solutions are easily scalable. As a result, you can increase capacity, deploy services to new sites and add and remove users when required.

In addition, you can keep your main business numbers by porting them onto the Switch Telecom network.

We understand that business is reliant on their telephony services

Generally, bad voice quality and downtime can cost organisations a lot of money. Likewise, It doesn’t help that you have the cheapest call rates if you can’t connect with your customers due to bad call quality and downtime.

Furthermore, we understand that a large business has varied requirements. Some need a fully managed telephony solution. Others prefer to manage their own PBX infrastructure.  More often than not, large enterprises require a combination of the two.

Are you are looking for a fully managed switchboard solution? One that’s easy to implement and provides state-of-the-art functionality. Choose the Switch Telecom Hosted Switchboard.

Do you already have a VoIP PBX? Is your telephony managed in-house? Are you looking for a provider who offers a premium quality service at an affordable rate? Consider a Switch Telecom VoIP SIP Trunk solution.

  • Couple your Hosted Switchboard or VoIP Switchboard with an Unlimited VoIP SIP Trunk and make unlimited calls to South African local, national and mobile numbers, plus a selection of popular international destinations.
  • Or choose a VoIP SIP Trunk with a usage-based call rate package and save up to 50% on your business call charges.
  • Furthermore, you can keep your business numbers when you port them to Switch Telecom
  • Switch Telecom runs a redundant network.  Our infrastructure is located at multiple data centres together with interconnects across the country. Subsequently ensuring uptime and excellent call quality.

Even more reasons

  • A SIP trunking solution is compatible with most SIP enabled or VoIP PBX systems.
  • A Hosted Switchboard solution is fully customisable. Therefore ensuring that your specific business requirements are met.
  • Most notably, our staff have a strong understanding of the solutions and technology they support.  Visit our Facebook page to read what our customer’s think about the service Switch Telecom provides.  Switch Telecom on Facebook.
  • Furthermore, Switch Telecom is able to provide API’s and service level agreements for its large clients.
  • In addition, corporate clients with high call volumes can benefit from further volume discounts.
  • You can manage your communication portfolio and easily measure returns with our easy to use online portal.
  • Lastly, you can choose from a wide range of value-added services, like call recording, international and toll-free numbers.
Enterprise VoIP