What happens to my existing Service when I port?

Your existing line will be cancelled once the port is complete. Any other services provided on the same line (e.g. ADSL access) may be cancelled as well. This may be subject to the individual contract conditions that were negotiated with your previous service provider e.g. cancellation notice period.

How long does Porting take?

Porting can take up to three working days for one or more individual numbers, depending on the donor operator.

Porting can take up to ten working days for blocks of 100, 1,000 or 10,000 consecutive numbers, where a business or wholesale customer is concerned.

What does Porting cost?

A once-off fee of R150.00 (including VAT) will be levied per individual phone number ported.

Please note that where a range of numbers is ported (‘Managed Port’) the fee shall be calculated at R15.00 (including VAT) per number plus a single base charge of R1,000.00 (including VAT).  Please contact us for more information.

How do I setup this service?

If you have bought a Switch Telecom device then the VoIP phones are automatically configured and will be ready to make and receive calls as soon as they are plugged into a broadband connection.

If you have your own device and would like assistance configuring it please contact us. We do not guarantee that we will be able to assist with every device but have standard setup procedures that can be followed easily and apply to the majority of technology.

How do I order a number to be Ported?

Please provide a signed letter addressed to your current telecommunications provider requesting the following:  “Please port the following numbers to Switch Telecom”.  Furthermore, please list the numbers that you would like to port in the body of the letter.  If you are porting a business number or numbers, the letter needs to be provided on a company letterhead.  In addition, you will need to submit a complete phone account (all pages, not just the cover page).

Call us on 087 550 0000 or email enquiries@switchtel.co.za for further information.

How do I know if the number I’m phoning is Ported?

When you call a ported number, your network operator will play three short beeps before connecting the call.  Furthermore, the network operator might charge a cross-network rate to call a ported number.  If the number has been ported to the same network you are calling from then you might not hear the beeps and an on-network charge may apply.

Why can’t I port my 086/087 number?

The Law and Regulations regarding number portability do not allow for the porting of non-geographic numbers.  Switch Telecom, is however ready to do so, when the regulations change.

What is the difference between a Single VoIP line and the Business VoIP Trunk Service?

A single VoIP line is designed for a handset or an ATA, whereas a Trunk is designed for use with an IP PBX or
Hosted Switchboard.

What is a Hosted Switchboard?

The Hosted Switchboard service is a fully managed and customisable switchboard solution. Unlike a traditional switchboard, the switchboard device is located at Switch Telecom’s premises and does NOT need to be purchased. You save on upfront capital costs and only pay a monthly service fee for the Hosted Switchboard.

Each extension on the Hosted Switchboard requires a VoIP-enabled telephone. The extensions can be located either within a single office or at various sites. This removes the cost and inconvenience of requiring onsite support call outs for multiple branches.

What is a Channel on a Switch Telecom Business VoIP Trunk Service?

A channel is the amount of concurrent lines you can have linked to a number/s to allow for concurrent calls both incoming and outgoing.  The Business VoIP Trunk service can be provisioned to include from 4 up to 120 channels.  It can be upgraded at any time without interruption to service.

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