Which protocols are supported on the Switch Telecom Business Trunk Services?

Both SIP and IAX are supported on the Switchtel Business Trunk Service.

Is there a setup or installation fee for Switch Telecom Services?

There is no setup fee for any Switch Telecom service.

What payment method can I use to pay for my Switch Telecom services?

Switch Telecom offer both Pre-Paid (Advance) and Post-Paid (Arrears) payment options.

On Post-Paid billing the invoice is automatically generated and emailed on the 1st of each month in respect of that month’s service fee and the previous month’s calls.
Payment is collected strictly via debit order three working days later.

Subscribers who have elected to pay in advance will need to pay via EFT or by Credit Card on a strictly pre-paid basis.  Airtime top-ups purchased using a Credit Card on the Switch Telecom Client Zone are immediate where as EFT payments are subject to bank clearance delays.


Is there a minimum Subscriber Contract term?

There is no minimum Subscriber Service Contract term and there is only a calendar months’ notice for cancellation of Switch Telecom VoIP services.

Can I use VoIP as a Fax?

Yes, but this requires T38 technology.

T38 is a recognized standard for sending fax transmissions over an IP network in real time mode.  Not all equipment implements the T38 standard correctly so you need to ensure that the equipment that you intend to use has been tested on our network before purchasing it.

All ATA’s supplied by Switch Telecom support faxing.

Switch Telecom also offers a free fax to email service for existing customers.

What do others pay to phone my Switch Telecom number?

These call charges are largely controlled by the service provider that people who phone you are using. Under normal circumstances they should be similair to standard calling rates.

Can I see call costs and duration?

Once you log into the Switch Telecom Client Zone you will be able to access your account balance and the details of individual calls made up to that second. In other words if you make a call and login immediately you will see the details of that call instantly. You can also view Missed, Received and Forwarded calls.

This makes it easier for you to query transactions as they occur.

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