Why choose the Multi-line VoIP Plus Direct Dial-In Service:

The Multi-line VoIP Trunk plus Direct Dial-In service is an upgrade from the VoIP Trunk service. VoIP Trunk plus Direct Dial-In is a multi-line VoIP service that includes a range of telephone numbers to facilitate direct dialling towards multiple extensions.

Give your employees a phone number that rings directly to their desktop or mobile phone. With the Multi-line VoIP Trunk plus Direct Dial-In Service, callers can reach an employee by simply calling a specific number with Direct Dial, to bypass the main business number and extension menu. Direct Dial Phone Numbers create efficient communication for your entire team.

The Multi-line VoIP Trunk plus Direct Dial-In can be provisioned to include from 4 up to 120 channels, with 2 up to a maximum of 1200 direct dial numbers, making it suitable in both small and large businesses as well as call centres. It can be upgraded at any time without interruption to service.

It is used in conjunction with either a Switch Telecom Hosted Switchboard, a VoIP switchboard, or, a gateway device connected to a traditional switchboard.


Features of the Multi-line VoIP Plus DDI Service:

  • Multiple telephone numbers
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • Multiple simultaneous calls (one per channel)
  • Call waiting (on compatible phones)
  • Choice between SIP or IAX2 protocols
  • Multiple codec support
  • Free fax-to-email service
  • Switch Telecom local and International call rates.
  • Keep your main Telkom number by porting it to Switch Telecom


  • A Switch Telecom Hosted Switchboard or
  • A compatible VoIP switchboard; or
  • A compatible VoIP gateway (FXS or ISDN), and
  • A reliable Broadband internet connection.

Monthly Service Fee:

VoIP Trunkplus

R50.00 (incl.VAT) per block of 10 numbers; or

R250.00 (incl. VAT) per block of 100 numbers.

Installation Fee: no cost

Contract Term: month-to month

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