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Mobile VoIP Softphone – The Smart Choice

What is a Mobile VoIP Softphone?

A mobile VoIP softphone or softphone is an application that mimics the functionality of a physical desktop phone. The software can be used on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The softphone is a cloud-based application linked to a “real” telephone number. This means your mobile VoIP softphone is a completely accessible landline or switchboard extension; just on your cellphone.

Softphones are a great choice for businesses in need of fluid communications that function anywhere. Softphones generally offer all the features of traditional telephone devices coupled with the added benefit of ease of use.

Above all internet-based calling is scalable, flexible, and cost-effective.

Remote Capabilities

If your business has staff working from home, a softphone is a must-have. Softphones provide an essential connection with your business and clients. If an emergency arises when employees are unable to travel to the office, or the business premises have an unscheduled closure, the softphone provides remote capabilities to ensure business continuity.

Remote workers and frequent travellers can now have their business phones with them wherever they are, moreover, they can make and receive calls from anywhere as if they were at the office desk.

Business Features of the Mobile VoIP Softphone

Softphone applications provide a superior option to employees using their mobile phones for business calls.

  • Employees don’t pay for business calls.
  • In general, calls made from the mobile VoIP softphone will display the business number as the caller ID.
  • Call detail records are available through Switch Telecom’s Client Zone.
  • Companies retain ownership of the number as well as their clients.
  • Call recordings, transfers (blind and attended) and conferencing. (In conjunction with a Hosted Switchboard)
  • Contact syncing.
  • With no infrastructure or application costs, Switch Telecom’s mobile VoIP softphone application is available at no cost to our clients.
  • Resilient to loadshedding as the softphone runs on the client’s mobile phone.

Work-Life Balance

A Mobile VoIP softphone can be an important tool in ensuring the work-life balance of your employees. Rather than calling from their own mobile number (which could be saved by clients), the softphone app shows calls to clients as coming from their office number. Additionally, Do-not-disturb (DND) can be activated on the softphone after hours and calls will be redirected to voicemail without affecting the employee’s normal mobile phone calls.


Equally important, Switch Telecom’s mobile VoIP softphone is available for both iOS and Android and our browser-based softphone, designed for desktop use, is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers. Please note, however, that the browser-based softphone is only available for Hosted Switchboard clients.

Best-in-Class Support

Notably, Switch Telecom’s softphone applications are supported by a team of passionate professionals dedicated to providing the highest possible customer care. As one of the best South African VoIP providers, we have helped everyone, from Grannies wanting to speak to grandchildren overseas to digital nomads needing a  business number that is as mobile as they are.

Contact us if you require further information or sign up now.

November 11th, 2022|Latest News|

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